Practical, fun, stimulating, engaging and educational activities!

Small group and 1:1 support and teaching

Expert interventions and workshops

Holiday workshops - English and Maths

National Curriculum linked

Supporting children with their learning.
busy Brains - tutoring in Hertfordshire

Fun and varied after school clubs – different engaging sessions every week.

Small group interventions and workshops in schools

Who Are Busy Brains Schools?

Busy Brains Schools Ltd are based in Hertfordshire and we offer after school clubs and services to schools to support pupils learning – small group and 1:1 interventions and workshops.

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    SATs revision and small group interventions.
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    Interventions for schools – Pupil Premium and SEND
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    After school clubs  – different engaging sessions every week.
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    EYFS and National Curriculum aligned.

Our Core Values

At Busy Brains Schools, we are passionate about fostering individual growth at a pace that is right for each child.  Every child is unique.

We inspire a positive attitude to learning at all levels which makes it engaging, enjoyable and most importantly fun! Happy memories of learning are created.

We believe in encouraging high self esteem and setting challenging goals to aspire to which in turn enables good progress and success!

After School Busy Clubs

Busy Bakers Club

Food and Nutrition activities presented in a fun, practical and engaging way. Tasty recipes that can be repeated at home!

Busy Brainiacs Club

Maths games that are educational, fun and raise self esteem. Problem solving and reasoning challenges involving all mathematical operations.

Busy Brains Games and Mysteries Club

A fun, engaging club. Being a detective to answer clues to solve mysteries!

Busy Bodies Club

Engaging and inspiring Science activities to pique enquiring minds. Great opportunities for gathering and recording data, exploring results and classifying information.

Busy Boffins Club

Fun and engaging theme-based History sessions discovering significant people and events and using drama to re-enact famous points in history.

Busy Bookworms Club

Inspiring a real love of Reading and Writing with a huge range of activities covering exciting genres and writing purposes. Personalised recommended book lists available.

Busy Brushes Club

Stimulating and practical Art club with opportunities to practise techniques and skills; learn about great artists and designers.

Busy Builders Club

Design and Technology activities presented in a fun, practical and engaging way! Designing, making and evaluating purposeful products.

Our Team

Paula Treadaway


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Dawn Wildman Director Busy Brains

Dawn Wildman


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Niki Swan


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